Lasting Impressions

Lasting Impressions is the first album in which I can not make out all of the lyrics. I’m sure that is on purpose. At this point in their career, they are roaming further and further from home, finding their way into German bars and pubs, spots on German TV, and making their way to American and Canadian radio. The emphasis has veered away from overtly Christian and moved into the realm of Adult Oriented Rock. Not offensive, still with it’s positive message, but definitely aimed more at Jazz clubs rather than Church groups.

The songs:

  1. Deliverance
  2. Such A Fool (lyrics in new tab)
  3. Anytime You Feel It
  4. Need You So Bad
  5. Feel The Music
  6. Lasting Impressions
  7. Tender Love
  8. Vanity
  9. I Thank You
  10. No Time To Waste

All Titles by Paul Janz except for Lasting Impressions (Paul & Ken), No Time To Waste by Herb Rempel

On this album Deliverance is

  • Paul Janz
  • Danny Janz
  • Ken Janz
  • Doug Virgin
  • Gus Roellinger
  • Rick Shaw
  • Herb Rempel
  • Vern Giesbrecht



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