Give It A Try

Why Don’t you Give It A Try with Jesus….

Give It A Try is a logical progression from the hymns and gospel songs of To God Be The Glory, to their first adult oriented rock album, Lasting Impressions. Five of the nine songs were written by Paul Janz, one by Herb Rempel, three by Nils Kjellstrom, one with Ken helping Nils with the lyrics. The music and lyrics are like nothing you’ve heard before. The songs flow into each other like the album is telling a story.

The songs in order:

  1. Give It A Try – Paul Janz
  2. Why Can’t They Realize? – Paul Janz
  3. Judgement – Herb Rempel
  4. I Got You – Paul Janz
  5. How Can I Know? – Nils Kjellström
  6. I’ve Often Wondered – Paul Janz
  7. Who Are You? – words: Ken Janz music: Nils Kjellström
  8. I’m Going Away – Nils Kjellström
  9. Memories in F# Minor – Paul Janz

Deliverance – Give It A Try is:

  • Paul Janz
  • Herb Rempel
  • Vern Giesbrecht
  • Paul Barnard
  • Ken Janz
  • Danny Janz

The back of the album cover features a testimonial by Joe Moscheo of The Imperials. In it he places Deliverance in the same trend-setting category as The Imperials, Love Song, The Archers, Andrae Crouch, and “the Troubadours” of Christian music: Larry Norman, Barry McGuire, Randy Matthews, and Honeytree.

GIAT folder

GIAT Album (462 MB – give it a chance to load) New copy from Germany – Intercord. Only a few scratches on side 1.








1 thought on “Give It A Try”

  1. Thank you very much for providing these informations. I was searching since an hour for the lyrics of “I got you”. And found over and over again only German lyrics for “Vergiss es nie”. (y)


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