Tightrope is the final album from Deliverance. This album got heavy rotation on radio and made them so famous in North America that someone sued them… for IP infringement. Apparently there were other groups named Deliverance in the USA. I know of one of them – a Heavy Metal group, whom I blamed for our Deliverance’s demise. But I found out later that the group that sued them wasn’t even that group. It was just some bloke who could prove he had registered that name. Change your name or pay me a million bucks. For all we know he may have sued the other Deliverance as well. If anyone has the whole story, please share. In the end though, it sounds like the group was ready to part way anyways. Each member had their own life goals, Deliverance wasn’t a part of the vision, and they were ready to part anyways. Ce la vie. As a result of the court order, all remaining Deliverance music was deleted from the licensed catalogue (for sale and radio play). No more residuals are to go to Deliverance from music sales.  My copies have holes punched in the corners because I got them from the delete bin for $.99. So sad.* This version of Tightrope still takes my breath away, even though it’s recorded in 1980 from a clock radio speaker with a mono tape recorder.

The songs:

  1. Foolish Hearts
  2. Tightrope
  3. Farewell ((Bye, Bye, Bye)
  4. Prince of the Galaxies
  5. Leaving L.A.
  6. Back Seat Rider
  7. Can You Survive
  8. Face The Lady
  9. Re-Creation
  • All Music by Paul Janz
  • All Lyrics by Ken Janz

Deliverance – Tightrope is:

  • Paul Janz – Vocals
  • Danny Janz – Vocals
  • Ken Janz – Vocals
  • Dave McSparren – Bass
  • Guy (Froggy) Roellinger – Guitars
  • Jaques Emanuel Belzung – Keyboards & Vocals



*I found a new one! Full MP4 here (ALAC – Apple lossless)
Tightrope whole album (405Mb)


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