Janz Team Singers

Janz Team Singers

As the Original Janz Quartet approached their golden years, a new generation of singers were brought up or brought in. The result was the Janz Team Singers. Each album had its core singers plus a transient component. The albums were either in German with an English companion album, or both languages used on one album.

According to the Album Notes of The Janz Team Singers album below, Ken, Jack, Vern, and Herb met as students at Breircrest Bible College in Caronport Saskatchewan. They decided then and there to make their way to Europe and devote themselves to ministry there. The rest is history. The Janz Team singers joined by Danny and Paul was the beginning of Deliverance.

Janz Team Singers (self titled) 1970-71

Ken Janz, Jack Stenekes, Vern Giesbrecht, Herb Rempel

  • Immortal Invisible
  • I Want To Be There
  • Amazing Grace
  • Ten Thousand Angels
  • Leave Your Heavy Burdens At The Cross
  • Psalm 19
  • We Are More Than Conquerors
  • Bleeding Hands Of Jesus
  • All Glory To Jesus
  • A New World
  • I Believe In Miracles
  • In Tenderness He Sought Me

 Janz Team Singers – Another self titled (until I find the real name)


Frieden – 1972

Ken Janz, Jack Stenekes, Vern Giesbrecht, Herb Rempel


Along The Road

Ken Janz, Jack Stenekes, Vern Giesbrecht, Herb Rempel, Nils Kjellström

  • No Greater Love
  • He Touched Me
  • Going To Build My Life
  • Nobody Cared
  • The King Is Coming
  • I Didn’t Know
  • Along The Road
  • The New 23rd
  • The Savior Is Waiting
  • Our Great Saviour
  • Why Say No
  • Will You Keep That Vow

Der König kommt


Noch nicht am Ziel


Janz Team in Wort und Lied


Jesus Choir (JTS+D&P)





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