To God Be The Glory

This is probably the least known of the four Deliverance albums, being the first one and a lower volume edition. Groups typically record at ImageVII because there is no entry requirement – any mom and pop family group could record at ImageVII and pay for any number of LPs to be pressed.  Some of the earlier Danny & Paul LPs were also recorded at ImageVII.


Song List:

  1. My TributeAndrae Crouch
  2. Give Them All To Jesus – P. Johnson
  3. Come On Down – Dana Angle, Gary Arthur
  4. Praise The Lord – Brendlen, Coomes, Field, Girard, Traux
  5. Through It All – Andrae Crouch
  6. He’ll Lift You UpNils Kjellström
  7. Give ThanksPaul Janz
  8. Since I Opened Up The DoorChuck Girard, Fred Field
  9. In RemembranceHadley Hockensmith
  10. Love IsBarry McGuire, Tim Buttram
  11. Bethlehem … Galilee … GethsemaneBill and Gloria Gaither
  12. Because He Lives – Bill and Gloria Gaither


Members of this debut album are:

  • Paul Bernard – Bass
  • Daniel Janz – vocals
  • Herb Remple – vocals, percussion, bongo
  • Paul Janz -vocals
  • Ken Janz – vocals
  • Vern Giesbrecht – vocals
  • Wayne Quiring – guitars
  • Bo Sandal – drums

That’s eight members, but there’s only seven in the picture. I would say that the names are left to right, minus Bo but I might have some of the names in the wrong order.







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