The Christian Worship/Rock/AOR group Deliverance was an offshoot of the ministry of the evangelical missions and outreach of The Janz Team. The Janz Team started as three Canadian brothers Leo, Adolph, and Hildor, who formed a Quartet (obviously with a fourth member) and took their show on the road. That show led to the formation of The Janz Team, who led evangelical rallies in Europe in the style of Billy Graham meetings, and produced worship music LP’s as follow-up ministry. Also as a side-ministry, the Janz Team started a school for their children with a Canadian curriculum. Along side their kids were the other children of Janz Team members, and before long, anyone who wanted to pay them to to school their children in this Canadian school in The Black Forest, Germany. Black Forest Academy (BFA) was started as a school for the kids who became Deliverance. They got involved in the Janz Team music themselves, and added to the Janz Team’s music library as The Janz Team Singers, Danny Paul and Wayne, and just Danny and Paul. Naturally as their talent and personal mission evolved, so did their music. The old guard stepped aside in the 80’s and the Janz Team morphed into a new entity called TeachBeyond. Now BFA runs the show, and Janz Team is no more.

In the 1970s and 80s a whole generation of kids in Germany and many supporters of The Janz Team grew up listening to this music. The group became so popular, several songs from Lasting Impressions and Tightrope made it to secular radio in Europe and North America. Today the post-Deliverance music of Paul Janz still gets airtime in North America.

Between 1976 and 1979, Deliverance, which was an amalgam of The Janz Team Singers, and Danny Paul and Wayne, made four albums. While the group members changed over time, Danny, Paul, and Ken Janz remained the backbone of the group.

The four Deliverance albums were published by a variety of labels:

1976 – To God Be The Glory – ImageVII/Word Records

1977 – Give It A Try – Blue Rose Productions GmbH

1978 – Lasting Impressions – WEA Musik GmbH, WEA Canada & Atlantic Records

1979 – Tightrope – Global Records & Tapes & Attic Records

This website intends to highlight the music of Deliverance, the environment from which it evolved, and its legacy which continues on to this day.


2 thoughts on “Deliverance”

  1. Do any of you know the lyrics of the song “Mother”, to be found on youtube on 58sunnysky?
    It just blows me away, but since the recording is distorted, and I am not a native speaker, I can’t figure it out. And I love their music for decades!


    1. Yeah, that’s a tough one. I started to write down the lyrics and was quickly stumped. Sorry. Even some of the lyrics on Lasting impressions and Tightrope are unintelligible. You did spur me on to a search for the album or single that would have been on but I didn’t didn’t find it. However I DID find mint copies of Lasting Impressions and Tightrope, the singles Believe in me, and the JANZ singles Steine/Mirror, so… thank you! I’ll keep my eyes open for those lyrics. Someone’s gotta have them!


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Karin said…

I just stumbled about your Janz Team/Deliverance blog today … My dad is Vern Giesbrecht and was one of the founding members of the Janz Team Singers! I don’t really have anything to say … just thankful that someone still has this music up and available. Thank you! It was really good music …



A big fan of Deliverance

Michelle said…

Thanks so much for keeping this music available to us fans! Without this website, it would be impossible to get this music.



A big fan of Deliverance