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Adolph, Leo, and Hildor Janz, Cornie Enns, formed the original Janz Quartet at Prairie Bible Institute and toured with L.E.Maxell the college president as travelling speaker (tribute to Cornie Enns at the time of his death). They became the Janz Team Quartet in 1960 when they formed the Janz Team and added pianist Harding Braaten.

Deliverance of course did not emerge out of thin air. The sons of the Janz Quartet started to add their own voices to the ministry of the Janz Team. Ken Janz, Jack Stenekes, Vern Giesbrecht and Herb Rempel met at Breiercrest in 1965. Together they started the Janz Team Singers and cut their first record in 1971. Nils Kjellström joined them for their second and subsequent acts.

Danny and Paul, younger brother of Ken and cousin of the two formed the next generation group, Danny Paul and Danny Paul and Wayne (another friend). While the vocals were unique to the groups, Vern and Herb played Nils Kjellström (producer), Jon Dueck, played various roles on many albums. When the Janz Team Singers joined with Danny and Paul, Deliverance was born.

It could be argued that Salvation Song (1974) with 5 songs written by Paul Janz, 2 by Wayne Quiring, and one by Daniel Janz, sounds the most like Deliverance’s Give It A Try (1977), also written mostly by Paul Janz (five songs) along with one by Herb Rempel and three by Nils Kjellström (one with lyrics by Ken Janz). You can hear many musical trademarks in all of the Janz Team music (except the Hymns That Live LP that was recorded in the 40’s) like the cowbell, the notched percussion block (Güiro), the echo on the piano, due to the shared band members.

Janz Quartet – Hymns That Live (around 1947)

Janz Team Singers

Janz Team Singers with Danny & Paul –

Ken Janz, Danny Janz, Paul Janz, Herb Rempel, Vern Giesbrecht, Jack Stenekes

Danny & Paul & WayneSalvation Song

Danny & Paul

Deliverance – How Can I Know – Back of Auditorium Edition

Paul Janz

  • High Strung – 1985
  • Electricity – 1987
  • Renegade Romantic – 1990
  • Presence – 1992
  • Trust – 1992

Daniel Janz

  • Tender Love
  • Heaven
  • Eine Träne vielleicht
  • Daniel Janz / Michael Janz – Voices
  • Danny Janz mit Gloria & Hildor Janz – Because of Christmas Day
  • Danny Janz – My Tribute

Janz – Mirror

Janz – Steine

Janz – Last Road To Forever

Janz – When We See Christ (German)

Friends of Deliverance

Jesus Choir [some version of JTS or Deliverance] – Johannes

Jurgen Werth – Du Bist Du

Nils Kjellström Orchesstra – Don’t Walk Away Instrumental

Janz Team Studiokinderchor – Der Messias Ist Da